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At MindSaid Centre, we conduct Psycho-Educational Assessments, in both formats, i.e. in-person or online through digital format.

All our online assessments are HIPAA compliant.

These are the following latest assessment tools that can be administered in-person or online

  • WJ-IV: Woodcock Johnson IV – Cog & Ach – Standard & Extended tests  – these tests ascertain any learning gaps / learning disabilities 
  • NDRT: Nelson-Denny Reading Test (Form I&J)  – helpful/mandatory  for students going abroad to avail of accommodations at the university 
  • Brown: Brown’s Executive Function / Attention Scales – ascertains inattention, impulsivity and hyperactivity.
  • ADHDT2: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Test – ascertains the presence of AD/HD
  • WRAT-5 : Wide Range Achievement Test 5 – monitors fundamental word reading, spelling, math skills and sentence comprehension. This test is also available in Hindi, and Marathi
  • TOWL-4: Test of Written Language 4 – determine students’ particular strengths and weaknesses in various writing abilities
  • VABS-3: Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales -measures adaptive behavior in everyday life

Besides the above, we are equipped with many other tools based on the needs of the child. You may fill in the basic details via the link below and we can connect with you no sooner we receive your online form.