Key takeaway from the assessment : “Very well done in totality”


Dipika Agarwal

It’s so important to be able to understand our children as best as we can so that we can help them develop to their full potential.

What a tragedy if we limit them to the standardized stereotypes that mass education systems create and label them as misfits when their real abilities are left untapped.

MindSaid Learning has truly opened my eyes to the range of children’s learning abilities and personalities! I cannot thank you enough.


Sandhya Krishnan

My son couldn’t fair well in his school exams. The school advised us to conduct certain tests. He was diagnosed with ADHD. Inability to focus and concentrate was affecting his academic performance even though he has normal IQ.

He was advised to go for remedial sessions and that’s how we met Ms Krutika.
Sessions with Ms Krutika has helped my son to be confident and believing in his ability to perform. Consistent bad results in school had demoralized him.

His performance in school has improved and now he takes interest in his school assignments. Her faith in his ability to deal with his constraints has made my son a confident boy.

Poushali Roy De

My son’s confidence was low. Having Krutika as his special educator turned to be a blessing in our lives. She saw and encouraged the intelligence in him and helped build our confidence.

Krutika’s assessment are clear, she recognized dyslexia in my son and helped him learn to read. My son had been to two special educators before but it really clicked with Krutika.

I am grateful to her for always remembering that she is dealing with an intelligent child who has learning disabilities.

Jasmine Chandok

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The Centre has psychologists and special educators specializing in assessments for the Gifted, Specific Learning Disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and emotional issues using the latest standardised cognitive and achievement tools.
We offer clinical evaluations, informal assessments, interventions, counselling sessions and remedial sessions for children and young adults.

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Our Psychologists personally complete all assessments, hence we are able to provide more personal service.

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Social Initiative : Low-cost evaluations conducted for students from the economically disadvantaged group.

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Ms. Krutika Jaggi (Psychologist and Special Educator-certified by the Rehabilitation Council of India) started working with children in 2011 in different organisations.
She conducts assessments and guides the special educators to conduct one-to-one/group sessions with children/students for the purpose of intervention.

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``Every child has a different learning style and pace. Each child is unique, not only capable of learning, but also capable of succeeding`` - Robert John Meeham
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