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It is an evaluation to determine whether a child has developmental or learning challenges. It involves an in-depth exploration of a child’s intellectual, cognitive and academic abilities and socio-emotional functioning. These scores are compared to the core areas of other students/peers of the same age/grade levels.

For PE Assessments, students are often referred to by their school counsellors or their physicians based on concerns related to learning or underperformance in school.

At MSL Centre, we continuously upgrade our assessment tools, some of them being the most latest computerized scoring tools, viz.

    • WJ-IV – Woodcock Johnson IV, Cog & Ach- Standard and Extended tests – these tests ascertain any learning gaps/learning disabilities
    • Brown’s EF/A – Executive Function/Attention Scales – ascertains inattention, impulsivity and hyperactivity
    • Nelson –Denny Reading Test (Form I&J) – helpful/mandatory for students going abroad to avail of accommodations at universities
    • Over 20 assessments available to ascertain the students’ current level of functioning
    • Remedials/Interventions
    • Planned IEPs are developed for each student
    • 6 monthly progress reports are shared

Connect with us for more information on the array of tests we have at our MSL centre